THINK what you DO, DO what you THINK
Love me now or never
You want freedom? Go to your kitchen and cook!

Oh Meryl Streep! It was just now that I noticed that you have been part of the awesomest films I have watched my entire life! I am trying to discover your works more this summer! I love Meryl, you are the best! 

P.S. Let this post be hidden to Sandy <3 :*




And here is the first compilation of my ‘Yzma is Best Princess’ series.  I meant to do it when I completed 10, but people wanted a compilation, apparently.  So here is the first 8.  It’s been a wild ride so far and I’ve still got several more to go >.>

Watercolors, ink and digital outline.

Beast is the Beauty in this case, it seems

I JUST NOTICED, all the male leads have sort of a -_- face going on, and Hades is like “wtf is this ew”

but Aladdin

doesn’t change

he’s still like “oh man am I glad I get to spend a romantic evening with this hot chick :D”

Don’t dream with your eyes close. Open your eyes and Live your dreams!